Father Joe left us a wonderful legacy

Let those without sin cast the first stone. Blessed Sacrament Church in Delevan and Holy Family Church in Machias were blessed to have Father Joe Moreno as our priest for over a year. It’s a tragedy when something so terrible as this happens and people can do nothing but point out the man’s faults. God have mercy on the people who did not even have the courage to give their names.

Father Joe was a special angel sent by God to do his work in a troubled world. I doubt if any who are so quick to judge could ever love as deeply as he did. I know what Father Joe did for me and for the many people he reached out to. I’m thankful that I am able to look past his faults and see Christ’s presence in a man so holy. Some think we didn’t know him well, but I’ll tell you one person who knew him – God himself. I’m sure when Father Joe arrived at heaven’s gate, he heard the master say, “A job well done.” Thank you, Father Joe, for the legacy you left us.

Jan DePreta