Suffocating debt will destroy nation

My best guess is by midyear 2014, those who voted President Obama back in will wish they had not. My health insurance for 2013 has increased to $62 a month from $40 a month in 2012. When I questioned the representative at one of the satellite offices, her response was, “wait till you see your rate for 2014.”

It is beyond me how a Godless person who shreds the sanctity of life and openly berates those who hustle and take care of themselves could have been re-elected. It is on the backs of my children and grandchildren that the convoluted programs and suffocating debt this man has promoted will be carried. It’s hard to believe in my 70 years I’ve witnessed the United States go from its pinnacle after World War II to its impending decline today.

Charles Schwendler

Orchard Park