Obama’s first four years nothing to cheer about

Was Mitt Romney the answer? I don’t know, but four more years of President Obama has me worried. Borrow a trillion dollars so low-income families have cellphones? If I felt I couldn’t afford a cellphone, I wouldn’t have one. Borrow a trillion dollars to give foreign aid to countries that hate us? We can’t afford to support the world right now. Free breakfast and lunch for low-income students? These families already have their electronic benefit transfer cards. Can’t the kids’ parent or parents get up and give them a bowl of cereal? Obamacare? Wait till the fees and surcharges take effect. The middle class will pay the bill.

The taxpayers saved General Motors, the biggest offender of shipping jobs out of the country. The axle plant on Delavan Avenue closed. The Tonawanda Engine Plant used to employ 8,000, now it employs about 1,000. Same goes for Delphi in Lockport. After we gave GM billions of dollars, it built a $500 million plant in Mexico. Nice way to say thanks.

I hope the president has a better plan for the next four years. His first four were nothing to cheer about.

Cliff Kaczmarek