Dear Vicki: I would love to make some booties for my grandbaby. I don’t know how to knit and don’t know where to go to learn. Can you advise me? – Connie S.

Dear Connie: Learning to knit often is a matter of going to a yarn store (usually not a chain) and just asking for help. Or you might have luck at a senior citizens’ apartment complex. I know there are residents just waiting to share their knowledge. Connie, I think when you do find someone to teach you to knit, they will suggest a blanket for a first project rather than booties because of the fine (thin) yarn and tiny needles used for baby knits.

My plan for you is to sew some little shoes for the baby. Chris Anderson from Curby’s Closet has a whole line of too-cute baby shoes. They fit sizes 3 months to 1 year. This is a really quick project, and easy, too. I support local shops, so try to find this in your area, or go online to There is a pattern for Mary Janes, loafers, cowboy boots, etc. The one pictured here is called Quilted Baby T-Strap Shoe Pattern; they are all adorable.


This is an old one, but a really good one:

Dear Eunice: So many skirts and pants have elastic in the waistband. I have trouble with trying to get the elastic through the casing. I use a large safety pin inserted though the elastic, and it almost always gets hung up inside all the seams and stops moving. Help! - Kerry P.

Dear Kerry: To prevent this problem, press the seams open and machine-stitch each side of the seam allowances vertically at the casing (it won’t show). Now the elastic will easily thread through the casing.


This week’s reader’s tip is from Natalie Delmage, of Bristol, R.I. She writes: “I love all kinds of sewing, and I am lucky enough to have a room in my home devoted to sewing and crafting for my family. My tip is one of my favorite things: I covered a piece of 1-inch-thick, rigid insulation with off-white canvas and mounted it on one wall. It is huge, and I can pin up instructions for different projects and also swatches, all sorts of stuff that used to lie around.”

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