We must face reality about climate change

Congratulations to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. At this very critical time for all New Yorkers, he displayed the courage to use the words “climate change” which, sad to say, most politicians will not whisper in spite of the obvious facts. I doubt if the words were used in the presidential campaign, if so very rarely. It is like the elephant in the room, even though Americans are aware that it is happening. Perhaps it is part of human nature to deny something we really are afraid of. I applaud the governor for his honesty in saying that we have to deal with preparing for the new reality of frequent violent storms. A problem cannot be solved until we start to face it.

Alternative energies are part of New York State’s plan for the future, and I applaud the forward thinking of Cuomo. However, we need to face the real elephant in the room, and that is the continued use of fossil fuels. The oil and gas companies have a stranglehold on the energy markets and our country, and we all need to be courageous enough to stand up and say that we will not continue to destroy our environment – not only for ourselves, but the children to come.

We need to make huge changes in the way we live, and soon. This is the most serious threat the world has ever known and it’s going to take all of us together to mitigate it. We need strong leaders who will stand up and speak the truth. On Tuesday, Cuomo took a step forward toward that goal. No one can do it alone, but he will find there is a lot of support out there.

Judy Fitzgerald