Groups need to stop protecting molesters

I find it quite amazing how people like the Oct. 27 letter writer try to justify and defend organizations that are accused of past sexual abuse of children. Yes, it’s all about promoting and protecting the image/reputation of these squeaky-clean institutions that turn a blind eye to pedophilia. Was the writer a Boy Scout master? I never was, but I am one of the victims of the 1,247 accusations of sex abuse from 1965 to 1985 that he cited. I was molested at the age of 8 by my older brother’s Boy Scout master, right after my grandfather died. If you haven’t been violated by a Scout master, etc., you have no business defending religiously affiliated organizations under the guise of religious freedom.

He says the report “is really about the continued attacks on religious freedom.” Religious freedom isn’t a license to abuse our children. That’s why our Constitution specifically cites freedom from religion; freedom from people with dangerous religious beliefs who allowed people like me to get molested. Then they turn a blind eye, pat the molesters on the back and look down in scorn on the victims for even daring to smudge the honor of these molesters and the institutions that protect them.

Toby Tyler