People seem to forget respect must be earned

A recent letter writer has apparently forgotten or not learned that respect is earned, it is not “conferred” when one gets “initials” after his name.

Medical personnel (doctors, nurses, etc.) especially seem to function under the misguided opinion that it is perfectly OK to address health consumers by their given names. They seem to forget that we, the consumer, pay for their services and as such are just as deserving of respect as they, and perhaps even more so.

It angers me that the writer referred to support staff in such a demeaning and denigrating fashion. I sincerely hope she doesn’t work in a local hospital or other health-related facility where the “aides” and “mop jockeys” provide services to the patients and residents on a daily basis. The services these people provide ensure the safety and comfort of these people, who are no longer able to do it themselves. They probably have more contact with these people in a shift than medical professionals have in a week.

It would be my earnest suggestion that she get off her pedestal before someone knocks her from it. It could prove to be a long, hard fall.

Kay Adamczak