Say happy 50th to James Bond, movie star – don’t we all wish we aged as well. Since 007 first appeared on screen in the 1962 thriller “Dr. No,” a good number of Bonds have come and gone. We all have our favorite Bond, here are mine.

1. Sean Connery (1962-67, 1971, 1983): He was the first Bond on the silver screen and remains the best. Enough said.

2. Daniel Craig (2006-present): He has an unnerving gravitas and a killer stare. Those Speedos weren’t so bad, either.

3. Timothy Dalton (1987-89): Sorry, but some of us think the classically trained Dalton can do no wrong. Thoroughly misunderstood as Bond.

4. Pierce Brosnan (1995-2002): Suave and debonair, he wore the tux well.

5. Roger Moore (1973-85): The Bond films of this period were outlandish, but Moore was in on the joke.

– Toni Ruberto


Eat Like a Monster

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