April 28, 1942 – Nov. 6, 2012

Albert J. Wang, a retired teacher, died Tuesday in St. Francis Nursing Home, Williamsville. He was 70.

Born in Nan-Hwa, Tainan, Taiwan, he moved with his family to Tainan City, where he grew up and attended Municipal’s First Boys’ High School.

In 1966, Mr. Wang received his bachelor’s degree in political science from National Taiwan University in Taipei, graduating first in his class. While in college, he converted to Catholicism after meeting priests teaching English on the campus.

He served 1½ years of compulsory military service in Kinmen, or Quemoy, an island off the southeast coast of Fujian Province, a territory belonging to Taiwan.

After his military service, he returned to National Taiwan University as a teaching assistant.

In 1968, Mr. Wang came to the United States for graduate study. He was accepted by Harvard University and the University at Buffalo. He could not afford the $2,400 required tuition and living expenses at Harvard, so he attended UB, where he was offered a teaching assistantship.

He graduated from UB in 1970 with a master’s degree in political science. He also took courses in accounting and education.

Mr. Wang became a naturalized U.S. citizen Dec. 16, 1976.

He taught at various Catholic girls’ schools, including Holy Angels Academy. Later, he was an accounting manager at Whitten Co., a printing company.

After his retirement, Mr. Wang enjoyed volunteer and charity work.

He is survived by five sisters, Shu-Hui, Grace, Shu-Nhu, Shu-Jan and Shu-Fan; and four brothers, Jung-Wha, Shin-Hong, Shan-Chie and Jung-Kun.

Funeral services were held Friday in Lombardo Funeral Home.