A new museum

Over the next three to four years, a new building will take shape at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. The National Museum of the United States Army will honor the service and sacrifices of American soldiers since the Army’s beginnings in 1775.

The Mini Page offers a sneak preview of some of the exhibits that will be displayed in the museum.

Army artifacts

The new museum will be a central place where people can see objects and experience stories from the Army’s history.

A learning center will include five smart tables where students can work together to gather information and solve problems.


The museum will feature three galleries:

1. Soldiers’ Stories: This gallery will share the individual experiences of about 30 soldiers.

2. Army and Society: This gallery will focus on facts visitors may not know, such as:

• Most major cities west of the Mississippi River started as Army posts.

• Many of the manufacturing systems of the 19th century started in making rifles for the Army.

3. Fighting for Nation: This gallery will display artifacts from all 11 major wars.