1. Steel arch, simple truss, cantilever and suspension are types of what?

2. Is the great black pitcher Satchel Paige in baseball’s Hall of Fame?

3. Can sound travel through a vacuum?

4. The expression “Crossing the Rubicon” means . . .

5. The dorsal is a part of the spine which is in the lower back or in the chest?

6. California is the largest state in population and it ranks where in size?

7. Is the Book of James in the Old or New Testament?

8. The Negev Desert is in what country?

9. Preakness races are for horses of what age?

10. Is it legal for a portrait of a living person to be on U.S. currency?


1. Bridges.

2. Yes, since 1971.

3. No. Light, however, can go through a vacuum.

4. To take an irrevocable, decisive step.

5. Chest. There are 12 dorsal vertebrae.

6. Third, behind Alaska and Texas.

7. New.

8. Israel.

9. Three years.