We’re halfway through the football season, and as usual, my head is filled with questions:

Is it time for Chan Gailey to ditch the rotating running backs routine, and finally pick a featured guy?

And while I have a great deal of admiration for Fred Jackson, doesn’t it make sense for C.J. Spiller to be the guy?

Has any quarterback been as good over the last year and a half as Aaron Rodgers, who has 70 TD passes and 11 interceptions in his last 24 games?

How plausible is it that Mario Williams could have a torn ligament in his wrist and Gailey not be aware of it?

If you could re-sign one Bills’ free agent after the season, would it be Jairus Byrd or Andy Levitre?

Does the Bills’ loss to the Titans seem even worse after the Bears romped, 51-20, in Tennessee?

And is it any relief for Buffalo fans to know it’s now Tennessee that’s on pace to break the NFL record for points allowed in a season?

What does it say about the Bills’ competitive resolve when they’ve been outscored in the fourth quarter this season, 90-28?

Do you think any of Doug Martin’s 251 yards rushing Sunday came when Oakland had seven men in the box?

Is this what the Bills had in mind when they moved up to draft speed receiver T.J. Graham: 14 catches for 109 yards?

So do you think the Falcons miss that offensive mastermind, Mike Mularkey?

And do you suppose the Jaguars regret making him the head coach?

Did Shawne Merriman play Sunday? Did I miss something?

If people are going to push a rookie quarterback for MVP, shouldn’t Andrew Luck be in the discussion with Robert Griffin III?

Did anyone else have tears in their eyes listening to Chuck Pagano’s speech to his Colts players after the game?

Does Mario Williams not realize how ridiculous he looked, pointing to the Houston bench after a sack? Do I even need to ask?

Will it represent progress if the Bills hold the Pats to 47 points Sunday? They’ve allowed 49, 48 and 52 in their last three divisional games.

Is it any shock that Peyton Manning leads the NFL in yards per pass attempt, completion percentage and quarterback rating?

If Buddy Nix doesn’t plan to leave without having a franchise quarterback in place, does that mean he could be GM in his 80s, like Marv Levy?

Really, after two months they can’t trust Tarvaris Jackson to run this passing attack?

And do you think Bill Belichick spent a big chunk of the bye week getting ready for the Colts, whom the Pats meet the week after the Bills?

Why don’t the Bills use some designed rollouts for Ryan Fitzpatrick, a mobile quarterback, the way Houston does for Matt Schaub?

So, is it a rousing defensive success now when the Bills allow only ONE 100-yard rusher and receiver?

Hearing Jerry Jones’ lukewarm defense of Jason Garrett on Sunday night, is there any doubt he would like Sean Payton to coach the Cowboys?

Are you starting to wonder if it’s really such a big deal that Fitzpatrick never gets sacked?

If the Texans and Falcons are the two best teams in the NFL, what does that say about the NFL?

Did you think the Bills would miss David Nelson this much? Do you realize they have no one in the top 48 in the NFL in receiving yards?

Will there ever be another draft with two quarterbacks as gifted as Griffin and Luck?

Do you suppose they’ve finally gotten over Bill Polian in Indianapolis?

What’s the over-under on Marshawn Lynch’s rushing yards when the Bills and Seahawks meet in Toronto on Dec. 16?

Can you believe that Calvin Johnson hasn’t caught a touchdown pass from Matthew Stafford this season?

Are you sick of the Wildcat yet?