Beloved priest brought comfort to many people

The Oct. 28 News article about the Rev. Joseph F. Moreno both shocked and appalled me. With all the efforts the Catholic Church has gone through over several decades to cover up sexual abuse of children by its priests, a few “unnamed” priests could not wait until Father Joe was cold in his grave to reveal the “troubling incidents” that plagued his life.

Father Joe was a saintly priest. I don’t believe he saw himself as a model priest because nobody understood his troubles more clearly than he did himself. He was a priest who worked in the trenches. With all his troubles, he saw clearly where and when he was needed in the community. He was there reaching out to the poor, the troubled people of the street and the people who protect us. He went places where other priests wouldn’t give a second thought to go. He served a church in one of the poorest districts of Buffalo, a congregation that loved and trusted him.

Where was the church when this troubled soul needed help? I hope the “unnamed priests” who offered information for the article feel relieved that they got this information off their chests, especially since Father Joe is not here to defend himself – not to say that he would.

Let’s all keep in mind that men and women of the cloth are first and foremost human. May Father Joe rest in peace.

Marian LaMacchia