Use of drones brings serious consequences

Thanks to Douglas Turner for his Oct. 29 column. These drone attacks trouble me. In addition to the reasons he stated, this type of war is not good for our country. Think of the drone operator who goes home to a wife and children after killing “enemy combatants” who may be thousands of miles away.

The price we pay to wage war goes far beyond the money we spend and the lives we lose. Loss of limbs, PTSD, loss of reproductive capacity, wives without husbands, kids without dads, guns/butter opportunity cost, our status in the world – and that’s the case if we win!

It’s a losing proposition. A tragedy. A last resort. We need to re-evaluate this violence and look for better ways. I’m all for a strong defense. A sane, well-thought-out defense. Bring ’em home.

Paul Steffan