Bike lane sorely needed on Millersport near UB

Many University at Buffalo students ride bicycles between the North and South Campuses. Unfortunately riding a bicycle down Millersport Highway is dangerous. The Town of Amherst needs to put a bicycle lane or path on Millersport, or at least have sidewalks on both sides of the street, to prevent cars from colliding with bicyclists. Millersport Highway’s speed limit is 45. There are several highway ramps on Millersport just two blocks from UB, where all of the bicycles on one side are stuck without a sidewalk or bike lane, right next to people entering and exiting the highway.

The town could easily remedy the dangers by putting a path or sidewalk on each side of the road. It should also create sidewalks on Flint Road where it connects Millersport to UB. There, the road narrows to one lane in each direction, congested with traffic and there is no shoulder or sidewalk on either side.

UB has been promoting bicycle transportation for several years now, to help the environment and solve the school’s parking problems, but how can the university expect students to ride bicycles to school on such dangerous streets? If even 1 percent of the 28,000 students ride bicycles down Millersport each day in fair weather, that is still too many to be without a safe place to ride.

Amherst should get to work on this project immediately. It would make my life and the lives of many other town residents and taxpayers much easier and safer.

Justine Miller