Fright night delight courtesy of Bills defense

I won best costume at a Halloween party by covering myself with swiss cheese and going as the Bills defense.

Dennis Weber


Feeling blue not allowed in blue-collar town

Welcome to Buffalo, Mario Williams. The land of no illusions. Now that you’ve experienced the wrath from people who day in and day out do their jobs, permit me an observation or two.

Please put the old “whine” into a new bag. The ball is in your court and we all want to see you thrive. OK, you’re being leaned on and some tactics used against you are effective but not kosher. We have the legitimate officials back and they can take it from here, or you can.

And if he still feels that hands to the face kept him immobile during the Jets game, he will have another chance to prove that he will overcome. And then, we will “all” give him a hand. Or two.

Buffalo is not an environment where “Prima donnaism” can flourish without the goods to back it up and even then, this area is based on hard work and lending a helping hand or wrist.

To erase so many “blue” Mondays, we the fans ask that you just do your job and make a noble gesture, use the “team refrigerator” and get rid of the personal one. The team had already fulfilled its quota for coolness as soon as the ink dried on your contract. And I feel that goes for the whole Bills organization.

Now, how’s the wrist?

Leonard W. Jaworski


Bills need to look in mirror and produce on the field

I have been a season ticket holder since the 60’s. I have sat through rainstroms, big-time snow and sub-zero tempertures. I suffered through 2-14 seasons and replacement games, but this team has to be the worst. The Bills (my team) are the laughing stock of the league.

How can so much talent play so terrible on Sundays? I feel so sorry for guys like Kelsay, McGee, Wilson, Jackson and Kyle Williams, How these professionals collect their checks each week, and how do they sleep at night after getting all that rest on Sundays? I live for football Sundays and while I hate losing, the games this year have me so down I can’t eat dinner. The stumbling and bumbling has to stop. Looking in the mirror isn’t the answer. Produce.

Bob Adams


NHL continues to prevent itself from being big time

Memo to the NHL:

Has it occurred to you that one of the reasons you are not considered a major sport (and probably never will be) is your total disregard for your fans and your public image?

It’s been only eight years since a whole season went down the drain. When it happens again this year, as seems to be the case, you will have alienated another substantial block of your fans. Frankly, Mr. Bettman and Mr. Fehr, we no longer give a darn. Bicker away.

Sheila Williams Haettich


There’s no need to fear, it’s almost Bandits season

One sport that always seems to slip under the radar is lacrosse. With no hope for a hockey season, why not look forward to lacrosse in January? I’ve been a fan ever since I was a little kid. I’m 19 now, and I’m a die-hard fan for the Buffalo Bandits. Being a season ticket holder for the past four years has been an enjoyable experience. I’ve been going with my two older brothers and two lifelong friends.

The atmosphere of the First Niagara Center on Saturday nights never gets old. Star players like John Tavares and Mark Steenhuis make every game worth attending. They bring excitement to many fans including myself. The history of us making the post season is outstanding.

Over the past 20 years, they’ve been in the postseason 18 times with four NLL championships. Maybe this year we can all root for the Bandits and hope they win the championship. Come Jan. 11, I’ll be chanting “Let’s go Bandits.”

Jeremy Kroll


Taking all the way doesn’t suit one baseball fan’s style

What I find annoying in baseball is the number of good first pitches taken right down the middle for strike one.

I believe if the pitch is where you want it, swing at it. You may never see that particular location again in the count. I am totally baffled by the theory of letting the first pitch go. It might be exactly the one you want, and can handle. So why wait? Give it a whack.

Kevin Naylor


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