GOP will stop at nothing?to get Obama out of office

This is in response to the Oct. 20 letter writer and others who don't seem to have the word "truth" in their vocabulary. Let me first address the statement that "the economy is and has been a disaster, due in part to the policies of the current administration." Do they not follow the stock market? Shortly after Obama became president, the market, due to the policies of the former administration, dropped dramatically to around 6,000. Today, it is more than doubled at about 13,000. We were losing 800,000 jobs a month. In 29 months, 4.5 million new jobs have been created.

As far as the second debate and the moderator, she did not "throw a life preserver" to the president, but merely stated the fact that what Mitt Romney had tried to accuse the president of was not correct. How can he possibly say that "her facts were wrong"? Did he not see the tape of the president speaking in the Rose Garden the day after the attack stating that "no act of terror would go unpunished"? I did. And it was very clear to me that he was talking about the attack that had just occurred.

With regard to the debate, "the decks were stacked"? Romney "was cut short three times more often" than Obama? Maybe because Romney interrupted both the president and the moderator three times more often. He was rude, disrespectful and pushy. Talk about whining! When the president lost the first debate, he admitted that he did not have a good day. Why can't the Republicans do the same instead of looking for someone else to blame for their showing?

Why not print the headline, "The Republicans will stop at nothing to make Obama a one-term president"? Isn't that what they have been trying to do from the beginning?

Sandy Predmore



Romney voucher plan ?is a recipe for disaster

I am so happy for the former government employee who, on Oct. 22, wrote about the Romney/Ryan Medicare voucher plan that he feels mimics his federal plan. He practically gloats about how lucky he is, and for now, he is fortunate.

My guess is this man is in his early senior years and is fairly healthy. Even his writing is robust. But if he has witnessed any older relatives or friends who rely on health plans and are somehow incapacitated, I am amazed that he can imagine some of these people "shopping around."

Many seniors do not use computers, our main tool for doing any kind of research these days. During their open enrollment period, would these people with walkers, managed diseases, perhaps even macular degeneration, go to the library or spend the day on hold on the phone? Or should they ask a nice neighbor to put in hours to do this research?

He says, "I can pick any plan and switch during a yearly open enrollment period if my current plan raises its premiums or changes." Has he ever watched a senior who is alone push his walker into a store? Can you picture such a person doing a good job at research? Some seniors I know can't even dial a phone for various reasons.

I know a number of people in their 70s and 80s who are more active than many teenagers. Some ski, go out to cultural events every night and baby sit their grandchildren. For the majority, though, dealing with the vouchers and "shopping around" seems akin to some of the voter registration hoops being proposed by Republicans.

Linda Pfeil-Lauren



Father Joe was there ?in our hour of need

I take issue with the Oct. 28 article on the front page of The News that attempts to portray Father Joe Moreno as a "tortured soul" and a person who always needed to be in the limelight. Based on my family's experience with Father Joe, nothing could be further from the truth. When my late mother went into congestive heart failure and we called Father Joe in the middle of the night, he quickly responded and traveled a great distance to the suburban hospital where she was being treated. He stayed with her throughout the night, praying with her in the intensive care unit and administering the last rites.

For my son, too, Father Joe was there to minister to him with compassion and understanding behind the scenes where few would dare go. It is sad enough to lose such a wonderful, compassionate priest but this negative character portrayal only makes the situation much worse. We need more inspirational priests like Father Joe in our tumultuous, often dark world.

Nancy A. Mariani



Now is not the time? to air ‘dirty laundry'

I am appalled with the Oct. 28 News article posted only a few short weeks after Father Joe Moreno's death. I feel that the good works he did in his lifetime should be emphasized while his family, friends and parishioners are still mourning his passing. I think that airing his personal problems or "dirty laundry" should be avoided at this time for the people who care deeply for him. I understand that people are trying to make sense of this tragedy and why it happened, but I feel this could have been done at a later time to spare the feelings of those in mourning, particularly his family.

I applaud the diocese's statement: "It is unfortunate that these matters are now being raised when Father Moreno cannot speak for himself and when his family and friends are still grieving his unexpected, tragic passing." The priests, in particular those who spoke under anonymity, should have declined to comment in respect to those who mourn.

I hope that people will continue to remember Father Joe's good works and refrain from dwelling on any of his personal problems or shortcomings, which all people, priest or not, may experience.

Dawn Bartlett

North Tonawanda


Obama presidency? has been a disaster

I fully expected The News to endorse Obama for president since that's what liberal newspapers do. However, when I read the justifications for the endorsement, I had to refrain from calling the paramedics to bring me oxygen.

The News did get some of its information correct: "He has too often been absent where leadership was needed," "He knows a lot about spending public money and not enough about how to earn it" and "We wish Obama were a better president than he has been."
Regarding the comment about Mitt Romney's statement to "wealthy donors when he thought no one was listening," as far as I know, wealthy donors don't have armies at their disposal as Russian President Vladimir Putin does, when Obama quietly told him when he thought no one was listening, "I'll have more flexibility after the election." Obama has seriously damaged U.S. relations with Britain and Israel in favor of Third World barbaric governments that enjoy Obama's displays of weakness.

This pillar of integrity, Obama, finagled the passage of a disaster of a health care law, rescued the automotive industry by giving the industry to the unions instead of reimbursing investors and has snaked laws through by ignoring Congress, using his executive position.

As a former Air Force nurse, I would be terrified if I were on active duty now, with militarily-clueless Obama as commander in chief. I can only hope and pray Obama does not get re-elected.

Rosanne McKee

Grand Island


Endorsement exaggerates? Obama's accomplishments

The News editorial endorsing President Obama is and was a shameful essay full of exaggerations about the president's accomplishments and blatant mischaracterizations about Mitt Romney. Obama's administration will go down in history as the most corrupt, most anti-American in our history. I pray that most folks check facts for themselves.

If we are lucky enough to have Romney elected, it will take his first term alone just to undo all the damage that Obama has done. I write this knowing that my vote in New York is meaningless, because the welfare state will vote for Obama, but I will sleep well knowing that I did not vote for more socialism and communism in this once great republic.

Bruce W. Dittly

North Tonawanda


If three can't do the job,? town elected wrong people

So now the West Seneca and Alden Town Boards are crying crocodile tears of remorse for downsizing. They say they are "missing opportunities" with fewer members. Truth is, the only loss is the salary and benefits package for two additional members. When I sat on Kevin Gaughan's downsizing panel of town officials, we all echoed the same reality – many elected town councilmen are overpaid and most do not even work the minimum 30 hours per week to earn health benefits and a pension.

When I served on the Clarence Town Board for eight years, we had councilmen whose weekly involvement could be counted in minutes. Biweekly public meeting reports were a function of busy work. These reports from required liaison meetings can easily and cheaply be handled with a recorder and a typist. Lack of accountability is not confined to Clarence.

Most municipalities are blessed with extremely competent department heads, planning boards and citizen volunteers. Council members who should only be considered to make the most important decisions needlessly insert themselves between the public and the well-run departmental gears. With today's communications, there is no need for this input, except to promote the official's re-election.

Pay each councilman $5,000 per year for 12 monthly meetings to provide municipal guidance decisions only. No pension, no benefits, no photo ops, no kissing babies at the pickle factory, no throwing out the ball at the first Little League game. If the three people you have can't cut the mustard, then your town has elected the wrong people.

Joe Weiss