Father Joe was there in our hour of need

I take issue with the Oct. 28 article on the front page of The News that attempts to portray Father Joe Moreno as a “tortured soul” and a person who always needed to be in the limelight. Based on my family’s experience with Father Joe, nothing could be further from the truth. When my late mother went into congestive heart failure and we called Father Joe in the middle of the night, he quickly responded and traveled a great distance to the suburban hospital where she was being treated. He stayed with her throughout the night, praying with her in the intensive care unit and administering the last rites.

For my son, too, Father Joe was there to minister to him with compassion and understanding behind the scenes where few would dare go. It is sad enough to lose such a wonderful, compassionate priest but this negative character portrayal only makes the situation much worse. We need more inspirational priests like Father Joe in our tumultuous, often dark world.

Nancy A. Mariani