Now is not the time to air ‘dirty laundry’

I am appalled with the Oct. 28 News article posted only a few short weeks after Father Joe Moreno’s death. I feel that the good works he did in his lifetime should be emphasized while his family, friends and parishioners are still mourning his passing. I think that airing his personal problems or “dirty laundry” should be avoided at this time for the people who care deeply for him. I understand that people are trying to make sense of this tragedy and why it happened, but I feel this could have been done at a later time to spare the feelings of those in mourning, particularly his family.

I applaud the diocese’s statement: “It is unfortunate that these matters are now being raised when Father Moreno cannot speak for himself and when his family and friends are still grieving his unexpected, tragic passing.” The priests, in particular those who spoke under anonymity, should have declined to comment in respect to those who mourn.

I hope that people will continue to remember Father Joe’s good works and refrain from dwelling on any of his personal problems or shortcomings, which all people, priest or not, may experience.

Dawn Bartlett

North Tonawanda