Obama presidency has been a disaster

I fully expected The News to endorse Obama for president since that’s what liberal newspapers do. However, when I read the justifications for the endorsement, I had to refrain from calling the paramedics to bring me oxygen.

The News did get some of its information correct: “He has too often been absent where leadership was needed,” “He knows a lot about spending public money and not enough about how to earn it” and “We wish Obama were a better president than he has been.”

Regarding the comment about Mitt Romney’s statement to “wealthy donors when he thought no one was listening,” as far as I know, wealthy donors don’t have armies at their disposal as Russian President Vladimir Putin does, when Obama quietly told him when he thought no one was listening, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” Obama has seriously damaged U.S. relations with Britain and Israel in favor of Third World barbaric governments that enjoy Obama’s displays of weakness.

This pillar of integrity, Obama, finagled the passage of a disaster of a health care law, rescued the automotive industry by giving the industry to the unions instead of reimbursing investors and has snaked laws through by ignoring Congress, using his executive position.

As a former Air Force nurse, I would be terrified if I were on active duty now, with militarily-clueless Obama as commander in chief. I can only hope and pray Obama does not get re-elected.

Rosanne McKee

Grand Island