Romney voucher plan is a recipe for disaster

I am so happy for the former government employee who, on Oct. 22, wrote about the Romney/Ryan Medicare voucher plan that he feels mimics his federal plan. He practically gloats about how lucky he is, and for now, he is fortunate.

My guess is this man is in his early senior years and is fairly healthy. Even his writing is robust. But if he has witnessed any older relatives or friends who rely on health plans and are somehow incapacitated, I am amazed that he can imagine some of these people “shopping around.”

Many seniors do not use computers, our main tool for doing any kind of research these days. During their open enrollment period, would these people with walkers, managed diseases, perhaps even macular degeneration, go to the library or spend the day on hold on the phone? Or should they ask a nice neighbor to put in hours to do this research?

He says, “I can pick any plan and switch during a yearly open enrollment period if my current plan raises its premiums or changes.” Has he ever watched a senior who is alone push his walker into a store? Can you picture such a person doing a good job at research? Some seniors I know can’t even dial a phone for various reasons.

I know a number of people in their 70s and 80s who are more active than many teenagers. Some ski, go out to cultural events every night and baby sit their grandchildren. For the majority, though, dealing with the vouchers and “shopping around” seems akin to some of the voter registration hoops being proposed by Republicans.

Linda Pfeil-Lauren