The Culinary Institute joins other top venues

Like many residents of Niagara Falls, I’m thrilled about the opening of the NCCC Culinary Institute on Old Falls Street and was pleased to see the story in Sunday’s Niagara Weekend section about the new dining options the Culinary Institute brings to downtown Niagara Falls.

The food served at the recently opened Deli is top notch (I can vouch for that!) and the offerings at the Patisserie are certainly tempting. But it saddened me to read remarks in the story “there was nothing” and “just that casino, that was it” prior to the Institute’s opening.

The Culinary Institute’s eateries join a respectable and growing list of establishments downtown, some of my favorite restaurants and delis, mostly independently owned, who have been doing a great job providing options for downtown visitors and residents within a short one- to four-block walking- distance of the Falls and the Culinary Institute.

On Third Street alone, we have Café Lola, Murphy’s, Starbucks, TGI Fridays and the recently opened Yvonnes. Craving pizza, wings or subs? Try Donatellos or Legends. In the mood for some good old rock ’n’ roll? We’ve got the Hard Rock Café. Fine dining you’re looking for? Check out the Red Coach Inn, Villellas Italian Ristorante, or Wine on Third. Out late and hungry? There’s Denny’s on Main. Interested in broadening your horizons? Try one of the many Indian restaurants that have opened in recent years: Zaika, Punjabi Hut, Kohinoor, the Maharaja, Punjabi Hut or the Taste of India, just to name a few. Does Korean fare strike your fancy? Try Pyung Taik, right on Niagara Street.

Is there room for more? Sure there is … the more the merrier! And if I’ve missed anyone, I’m sure I have, drop me a line … I’ll be there soon!

Becky Dyster

Niagara Falls