West Seneca Board doing ?great job with 3 members

The voters of West Seneca should not be fooled by the statement of board members that the town has missed opportunities with only three board members. Nothing could be further from the truth. Case in point, when asked at a board meeting what opportunities were missed, amazingly the board was unable to come up with even one example.

Here are the facts. In the past two years and 10 months, with three board members, more has been accomplished than has been in the past 20 years with a board of five, with a savings to taxpayers of approximately $200,000 in salary and benefits. Projects completed or approved: Town Hall renovations and Police Headquarters expansion; major renovations to ice rink, pool and Veterans' Park; roof and wall repairs at Highway Building Garage; reconstruction of streets; new tennis and basketball courts at Fireman's Park; major sewer repairs for 80 percent of the town; and Senior Center upgrades.

A board of five invites corruption, incompetence and back-door deals. When the Town Board consisted of five members, just about every department, from Animal Control to the Police and Supervisor's Office, was investigated by the FBI, criminal investigators from Washington, auditors and investigators from Albany. The five-member board was responsible for bringing the AmeriCorps program to West Seneca, which ultimately cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

The people behind the petition to upsize the board stated, "It is the will of the people of West Seneca." This is not true. The people voted overwhelming to downsize in 2009. This vote to upsize the board is a political scam by a few people and their political cronies trying to get back in power.

Send a message to the politicians by voting no to upsizing.

Rudy Russo

West Seneca


GOP needs to stop? beating war drums

Once again, the hawks in the Republican Party are banging on the war drums. We hear the bogeyman is coming. Iran has weapons of mass destruction.

The advisers to Mitt Romney are the same leftovers from the Bush administration – John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, et al. Why these hawks want to go to war is beyond me. Is it money? Do sane, rational, caring people really want to see their loved ones blown to bits?

We are still mired in the war in Afghanistan and only recently out of Iraq. I hope the American people have learned the lessons about the hoax perpetrated by President George W. Bush and Cheney, which led to the war in Iraq.

Donna M. Duszczak



Father Joe was trying ?to make a difference

I look forward to the newspaper on Sunday morning. I get my coffee, get a little cozy and read the paper. Last Sunday, however, I opened the paper to an article about Father Joe Moreno that was so disturbing I could barely finish it.

Why do the media insist on dredging up someone's past when they are not here to either defend themselves, or at the very least, make a statement? Father Joe was a good man who apparently had some demons. I wonder if there is a person alive – clergy or otherwise – who does not have some demons? His past failings have nothing to do with the good that this man has done for so many families in need of comfort.

My dear friend's son died in a car accident last year. He was a police officer, and Father Joe was the first one at the hospital. His mere presence brought a calm over that waiting room that made us all grateful for him. Certainly not because of the food that he brought, but because of his genuine concern for the family and friends who all were praying for a miracle. If he could have made a miracle happen, he would have.

I was taken aback that his fellow priests would make derogatory remarks about him. What is it we preach? Forgiveness for all. This article was disrespectful to the memory of a man trying to make a difference.

Georgie Delmont



Let women decide? health, birth issues

Here we are in the 21st century and strangers, mostly men, still have more decision-making power over my body than I do. In the current elections, abortion rights are still a prevalent debate.

Why is it that men have full power to make every decision regarding their lives and bodies, and I, as a woman, do not? I have to rely on the Supreme Court, politicians and government to "allow" me this privilege.

I am an adult; I make decisions and choices every day. Someone else's beliefs or religion should have no bearing on my life or body.

When men have to face personal female health or birth issues, then they should get a vote. Until that day, I am capable of making my own decisions without any help from religious groups or politicians. It is about time all politicians concentrate on the real issues that concern people and not interfere with my rights (or anyone else's) to make or control personal decisions. It is none of their business.

Laurie Galbo



Pro-life advocates? will never go away

The News editorial from Oct. 30 again misses the point of pro-life people. We are not "anti-choice" as you call us. We are "pro-life."

Any student, at any level of biology study, knows that human life begins at conception. When the chromosomes of the male's sperm and female's egg join together, a human life has begun. Many believe that God has designed and continues to perpetuate this miracle. A new human being has been created. That human life is not part of the woman's body. It only gets nourishment to grow from her, like any young child.

The fact that 3,500 to 4,000 of these young human lives are aborted every day, over 1 million a year since 1973, is what causes concern to us pro-lifers. How can The News be so sure that our concern is a terrible thing? We will not "go away" as the editorial writer wishes.

Joseph E. Rebisz Jr.



Medical professionals? deserve more respect

Something is sadly amiss when our brighter young men and women spend extra time and money to attain advanced degrees as nurse practitioners or physician assistants only to live their professional lives being referred to by their first names along with the aides and mop jockeys. The British have various titles in both their legal and medical fields; surely we can do as well. Perhaps the surnames preceded by the designated initials?

Joclaire Achatz