Father Joe was trying to make a difference

I look forward to the newspaper on Sunday morning. I get my coffee, get a little cozy and read the paper. Last Sunday, however, I opened the paper to an article about Father Joe Moreno that was so disturbing I could barely finish it.

Why do the media insist on dredging up someone’s past when they are not here to either defend themselves, or at the very least, make a statement? Father Joe was a good man who apparently had some demons. I wonder if there is a person alive – clergy or otherwise – who does not have some demons? His past failings have nothing to do with the good that this man has done for so many families in need of comfort.

My dear friend’s son died in a car accident last year. He was a police officer, and Father Joe was the first one at the hospital. His mere presence brought a calm over that waiting room that made us all grateful for him. Certainly not because of the food that he brought, but because of his genuine concern for the family and friends who all were praying for a miracle. If he could have made a miracle happen, he would have.

I was taken aback that his fellow priests would make derogatory remarks about him. What is it we preach? Forgiveness for all. This article was disrespectful to the memory of a man trying to make a difference.

Georgie Delmont