Let women decide health, birth issues

Here we are in the 21st century and strangers, mostly men, still have more decision-making power over my body than I do. In the current elections, abortion rights are still a prevalent debate.

Why is it that men have full power to make every decision regarding their lives and bodies, and I, as a woman do not? I have to rely on the Supreme Court, politicians and government to “allow” me this privilege.

I am an adult; I make decisions and choices every day. Someone else’s beliefs or religion should have no bearing on my life or body.

When men have to face personal female health or birth issues, then they should get a vote. Until that day, I am capable of making my own decisions without any help from religious groups or politicians. It is about time all politicians concentrate on the real issues that concern people and not interfere with my rights (or anyone else’s) to make or control personal decisions. It is none of their business.

Laurie Galbo