Pro-life advocates will never go away

The News editorial from Oct. 30 again misses the point of pro-life people. We are not “anti-choice” as you call us. We are “pro-life.”

Any student, at any level of biology study, knows that human life begins at conception. When the chromosomes of the male’s sperm and female’s egg join together, a human life has begun. Many believe that God has designed and continues to perpetuate this miracle. A new human being has been created. That human life is not part of the woman’s body. It only gets nourishment to grow from her, like any young child.

The fact that 3,500 to 4,000 of these young human lives are aborted every day, over 1 million a year since 1973, is what causes concern to us pro-lifers. How can The News be so sure that our concern is a terrible thing? We will not “go away” as the editorial writer wishes.

Joseph E. Rebisz Jr.