NIAGARA FALLS – A Hyde Park Boulevard man underwent emergency surgery early Saturday after being stabbed in the apartment complex whene he lived, Niagara Falls police said.

James L. Kemp, 53, was found on a second-floor landing anout 3:30 a.m., bleeding heavily from wounds to his head and left side, according to police. Breathing but unresponsive when emergency crews arrived, he was taken to Erie County Medical Center. His condition was unavailable.

Police said that when they showed up at 3204 Hyde Park Boulevard they encountered chaos, with a blood trail leading from the first to the second floor, with several people screaming and shouting.

One man tried to push his way into a nearby apartment but was held back by police, according to reports. After Kemp was stabilized and moved to an ambulance, police said, that man quickly ran into the apartment and slammed the door. Police who entered the apartment said they saw him throw an object out a window – a bloody knife believed to have been used in the stabbing.

The man, police said, told them the attacker had just fled the apartment through a window and down a fire escape.

Police handcuffed the man for qestioning by detectives. As of later Saturday, he had not been charged, police said.

Police also arrested a woman who allegedly interfered with their investigation at the scene. She was identified as Jade Kemp, no age or address given.