Madigan a better choice than Higgins for House

The News has endorsed Rep. Brian Higgins over the challenger, Mike Madigan, for the 26th Congressional District. Its dismissal of Madigan included the belief that his interest in education would be better suited for local office. The same argument can be used against Higgins. His interest in the waterfront would suggest that he resign from the House and devote his energies to it. The News views his prodding the Power Authority into a settlement that accelerated payment of funds as the “top prize.” Please! He did his best imitation of Luca Brasi and got the Power Authority, a state agency, to cough up funds or have the relicensing of the hydro facility held up interminably. One may think that it is wonderful to improve the waterfront, but that does not justify a House member spending his time doing it.

Higgins’ record in the House is awful. He has one the worst voting records on pro-growth legislation. He comes from an area whose taxpayers are being crushed by Medicaid expenses. Has he ever introduced any legislation to correct the flaws in that program? On the other hand, he is a sure vote on any expansion of government spending. He is a Catholic, especially when he is trolling for votes in South Buffalo. The Catholic Church is currently engaged in a very serious constitutional issue with the Obama administration over First Amendment rights. Where has Higgins been on this?

He is paid to represent our interests in Washington, not extort money from a state agency so he can play big shot with other people’s money. In short, Higgins is an empty suit. He does not deserve to be re-elected. We need fresh ideas. For our own good, we should elect Madigan.

James Mulcahy

Grand Island