With the 2012 election only days away, our collective patience for political pandering and overheated campaign rhetoric is wearing thin. On Tuesday, the overriding urge of many – after heading to the voting booth, of course – may be to bury their heads in the sand and press the mute button on the political noise machine.

To that end, a group of Buffalo-based performers has organized “Election Asylum,” an event designed to provide refuge from the deafening static of the election season. From 8 to 11 p.m. Tuesday in Rust Belt Books (202 Allen St.), Ron Ehmke, Jeannine Giffear, Frank Goldberg and Ruth Goldman will host an evening of “participatory performances, games of chance, group therapy exercises, open-mic rants, and of course periodic glimpses at the latest election results behind partially closed eyes.”

“Participants will be skyping to swing states, meeting fourth party candidates and those elusive undecided voters, and evading pollsters,” a release about the event promises. “Renowned psychotherapist Dr. Luvstrang will be on hand to counsel voters suffering from ‘Pre-Election Stress Disorder,’ and emcee Ronawanda will mix and mingle among the crowd, making sure no one misses out on any of the action when guest stars drop by.”

Visitors are asked to bring either a $5 donation or food or drinks to share. More info is at 885-9535.

– Colin Dabkowski