The Holland School Board this week approved funding for two athletic teams inadvertently left out of an earlier resolution that reinstated budget support for much of the district’s athletic programs.

Interim Superintendent Sylvia Root said funding for the junior varsity field hockey team and junior varsity girls volleyball team would be covered by the district. A $4,294 donation from the Duchess Booster Club, raised so that the field hockey program could run this fall, will be refunded to the group, she said. Since no donation for girls volleyball was received, no reimbursement is required, and the district will pay the team’s $2,900 in expenses out of the general fund.

“We do as much as we can to support our students,” Root said. “Sometimes things that we thought would cost this, cost that, and little by little, we try to take those $10, $50 or $100 and put them for the good of our students.”

In June, the board reinstated about $160,000 in athletic and academic program funding that had been originally cut during the 2012-13 budget process. Root said the two teams were left out in error.

However, with the tight fiscal picture in Holland continuing, school officials said none of the teams should expect guaranteed funding next year.

The School Board also approved $3,000 for the Arts in Education program to be used for field trips. Those funds, Root said, would come from BOCES services reimbursements.

In other matters, the board heard updates from new principals Michael Dodge and Carl Guidotti concerning the district’s reconfiguration from three to two buildings.

They said kinks are being worked out. Going forward, however, the primary focus will be to ensure fifth- and sixth-graders in the elementary school and seventh- and eighth-graders in the high school have age-appropriate activities in which they can participate, both during and after school.

Guidotti said seventh- and eighth-graders were included in the high school’s recent Spirit Week events.