Obama wants to change U.S. into a socialist state

The News’ endorsement of President Obama came as no surprise. Your main complaint of Mitt Romney is his comment about 47 percent of Americans as victims. Obama has done nothing for this group and wants a dependent society. More people are on welfare and food stamps than ever before. He has not demonstrated how to compromise or create jobs. Obamacare was written primarily by lobbyists (without Republican input) and has 27 tax increases, nine of which target the middle class.

Obama created Simpson Bowles but failed to accept their suggestions. The News cites the Dodd-Frank bill as stabilizing the banking industry but it does not address “too big to fail.” He has stifled oil production by dismissing the Alaska pipeline and imposed obstacles for business through restrictive regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Department.

Finally, Obama’s apology tour and his dismissive attitude of America’s exceptionalism is distressing. He wants to change America and make it into a socialist state like European and South American countries that he wants to emulate. The shameless cover-ups in Benghazi and Fast and Furious demonstrate Obama will do anything to get re-elected.

Obama has not earned my vote. Romney is not a perfect candidate, but his business background and past successes as governor of Massachusetts, head of Bain Capital and head of the Salt Lake Olympics will position the United States for better days.

Victor Mingal