Reed working to adopt a national energy policy

The cost of driving our cars and trucks is out of control. Our price at the pump has risen like a rocket and will fall like a feather. Once again our U.S. senator will fly around the state calling for investigations and, once again, nothing will happen.

Rep. Tom Reed knows that we don’t need investigations, we need to adopt a long-overdue comprehensive energy plan that addresses the energy needs of this country. This is both an economic issue and a national security issue. Reed is a staunch supporter of using domestic energy resources to reduce our dependence on Middle East oil. We must develop a responsible plan on the national level that leads us toward energy independence and clean, renewable energy from domestic sources.

Manufacturing jobs will return if we use our domestic natural resources to lower cost. Good-paying jobs are directly tied to lowering production costs here at home. Let’s return Reed to Washington to continue the fight for a national energy policy.

Jim Pfeffer