Romney is the biggest flip-flopper of them all

Low information and still undecided voters must love the candidacy of Mitt Romney. They don’t know, or probably care, where he stands on many issues, won’t bother counting to see that his math actually adds to the deficit and aren’t bothered by the very real prospect that universal health care and secure Social Security won’t be there for them. They’ll really enjoy, at age 65 or older, with a voucher in their pocket, hunting for some insurance company that may or may not insure them, at any affordable price.

In 2004, Republicans belittled Sen. John Kerry’s flip-flopping of his support for the Iraq war. But they and the press are now silent, not just on Romney’s flip-flopping of nearly everything, but his unabashed, shameful denial of positions uttered only months or weeks earlier. He can’t even admit to changing his mind.

On Jan. 21, 2013, I pray we don’t wake up to the presidency of an amoral man with no backbone, no compass, no certainty of direction, yet easily manipulated by extreme elements in his party.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst