President fools people into thinking he cares

There is a sense among voters who lean toward President Obama that he “cares” more about people. That he “cares” more about the poor. That he “cares” more about the elderly. That he “cares” more about women.

Let’s be realistic. Obama didn’t care about J. Christopher Stevens, his own ambassador to Libya. Stevens repeatedly begged for more security. Nope. Sorry. No can do.

This is because the need for more security meant that Obama’s “smoke and mirrors” policies in the Middle East weren’t working. In the new, dreamy world of Obama, everyone in the Middle East was supposed to like us.

Stevens and three staffers were so brutally murdered that we still haven’t been told everything about what happened. Obama murmured his condolences and cockamamie explanations from the campaign trail in Las Vegas. Look at the photographic evidence that has come from the Middle East. All that’s left of Obama’s “smoke and mirrors” policy is the smoke.

So if you think Obama cares about you, reflect for a moment on the Obama scenario for Stevens. Twenty-six Marines to meet the ambassador’s body at Andrews Air Force Base. No Marines, zero Marines, to protect him in Benghazi.

Thank you for caring, Obama!

Connie Wolfinger