LOCKPORT – Residents who attended Tuesday’s public hearing on the 2013 city budget were presented with a spending proposal that included an 8.52 percent property tax increase, while spending was slated to rise one-third of 1 percent.

The 6.8 percent tax increase figure given to aldermen and released late last week resulted from a math error, Mayor Michael W. Tucker said. He said no changes have been made to the spending plan since last week, but some alterations may occur before the Common Council votes on it Nov. 21. Work sessions are to resume next week.

The $23.3 million budget assumes that the city’s health insurance costs will decrease by $312,000. That is one of the topics of negotiations with the city’s unions, who are being asked for concessions.

Tucker said there are no layoffs in the budget, but the cost of Social Security taxes is slated to drop by $55,000. Tucker said the city anticipates 10 to 12 employees will retire, and not all of them will be replaced.