Previous administration hurt Lancaster taxpayers

The Office of the State Comptroller recently released an audit with the findings of “poor governance” on the purchase of the Colecraft building in Lancaster. The purchase of this warehouse cost taxpayers approximately $2.5 million. Lancaster Central School District lost approximately $440,000 in property tax revenue.

In the second part of this audit, the findings reported that the town did not properly protect the interests of the taxpayers. There was more compensation for Bowmansville, Twin District, Town Line and Millgrove during the 2006 to 2010 fiscal years. These contracts with the fire companies do contain provisions; unfortunately they were not routinely reviewed. As a result, a substantial amount of cash accumulated during this period. The level of reserves was “excessive,” as reported in the audit.

As a resident and taxpayer of Lancaster, I am asking for some accountability from those in power who played a major role in purchasing the Colecraft building. It has been an ongoing issue between the residents and the Town Board public servants since 2003.

The taxpayers were misled by our public officials. This was a costly mistake on the previous administration’s part, and I want accountability. When this corrective action report is completed, I am requesting that this action plan not be part of a political agenda by our public officials who were involved in this costly endeavor.

Carmen Hangauer