Romney hasn’t learned a thing from Bush years

I am going to vote for President Obama, not because he has all the answers to the country’s problems, but because he has more of them than Mitt Romney.

Obama can steer us toward building and repairing roads and bridges and related measures that will create many jobs, but sadly, not enough. Romney says he will create all the new jobs we need, but he is hopelessly vague about how he is going to do that. Plus, his business model is profit first and hiring second.

People like Romney have mercilessly shipped jobs to other countries when the cost of doing business here proved too high for them. Instead of working with the very people who lost their jobs because of these policies, they pay most attention to the bottom line and little to who gets hurt. That is why a few are able to amass ungodly amounts of wealth while many ordinary people head to the unemployment line.

It is understandable that business owners would do this, but as they eliminate the jobs of so many, they will have fewer customers for their products, no matter where they are produced; in effect, shooting themselves in the foot. Thus, short-run high profits rule the day and there is little thought of the long-run consequences. If we vote to repair our infrastructure and to explore new energy sources, we’ll at least be on the way to better times, but not if we go with a return through Romney to the failures of the Bush years. The Republican candidate didn’t learn a thing from the disastrous Bush-era wars, for which we are still paying, and continues to believe that the first priority is for the already wealthy to have even more.

We are really dense if we allow Romney to send us over another economic cliff.

William Wolfers