Each party has an abysmal record

During recent presidential debates, sensational rancor regarding health care and taxes is a distraction from the focus on seriously remedying the economy. President Obama and Mitt Romney each criticize the other party’s jobless and earnings record. Both records are abysmal and each is offering nothing more than previously tried tax, spending or exotic loan and deregulation solutions.

Countries like Japan and China, through multinational corporations, exert tremendous influence in the media with their purchase of expensive ads and make unlimited political contributions. They make their own trade rules and are allowed to take over a disproportionate share of our manufacturing capability, beggaring and leaving the United States defenseless in the long term. Our own government is fully cooperating with this travesty.

A tally of our country’s wealth and assets, from before the supply-side experiment and now, should readily point the way back to improve the more successful former American policy.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park