Honest Ed

You can take a guy out of Ralph Wilson Stadium, but you can’t take Ralph Wilson Stadium out of the guy. The Community Music School found that out last week when, in the midst of its cabaret blowout at Kleinhans Music Hall to celebrate distinguished alumnus Andy Anselmo, it brought out Channel 2 sports legend Ed Kilgore. Kilgore smiled at the jammed Mary Seaton Room. “This is a bigger crowd than we’re probably going to have at the next Bills home game,” he said. He turned to singer Caroline Jones, the evening’s emcee. The daughter of hedge-fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones, she had flown in on a Lear jet, sung “Moon River, and displayed amazing high notes. “Caroline,” said Kilgore, “you definitely have more range than Ryan Fitzpatrick.”

Whooooo’s calling

How did the Romans detect great Caesar’s ghost without an electronic gizmo? How did the Headless Horseman manifest himself without an iPhone? Had to wonder, listening to Tom Bauerle’s annual Halloween ghost show, in which he welcomes caller’s ghost stories. “There was an energy source they were picking up on their machines,” one guy said, adding: “And, like, the thermograms …” Other, um, soundbites: “I was on my Bluetooth and suddenly my phone cut out.” And: “My iPhone called my grandmother and my grandmother had been dead for two years.” Wow, fascinating. All this time, when our iPhone screwed up, we were calling Apple. We should have been calling a priest!

Social climbing

Why does Buzz spend so much time hanging out with piano man Jackie Jocko? We’ll tell you. Sunday, Judge Sal Martoche organized a party at the Hyatt for Jocko and his drummer partner, Joe Peters. The power people in that room! The judges: Martoche and Amy Martoche, his daughter; Barbara Howe; Frank Sedita; Samuel Green; two mayors, Byron Brown and Tony Masiello. “I don’t think it’s too often you have back-to-back mayors,” Masiello joked. “Usually they don’t speak to each other.” Also Cindy Abbott Letro, from the Philharmonic’s board; TV legend Doris Jones; entertainers Mary Kate O’Connell, Thom Diina, Joey Giambra and Ruth Killeen; and dapper former UB dean Walter Kunz (no relation to Buzz, but that stadium on the North Campus is named after him). A monsignor gave a blessing. That’s why we do it, folks. That, and the music’s not bad, either.

The buzz

Seen Friday at the Hyatt, Toronto squash champion Barry Abramson, in town competing in the championships at Buffalo Tennis and Squash. We asked him what squash he loved most and he said zucchini and spaghetti squash. … Finding a new phone book on your doorstep, its spine blaring “888-8888,” seems so last century.


“You know what works when the power goes out that doesn’t require batteries or a generator? The piano!”

– Eminent concert pianist Jeffrey Biegel, seizing the day, on Facebook