Why are election issues?so polarizing in America?

Why canít we all be assured that no matter who is president, there will be an effort to provide equality for all?

Why must some of us worry and flaunt our opinions when it should be a slam dunk that women get equal pay for equal work and are well represented in all facets of politics and the economy; the gap between the rich and the poor equalizes; those who want to marry are able to marry; all Americans can receive health coverage; those who are able to get into college may attend with reasonable loan debts; math and science education will provide scholars in these areas who, of course, can read and write well; and our military will rank No. 1 without exorbitant and unnecessary costs and be better known as a peace keeper than a war monger, yet prepared to defend America?

The list could go on. Why must the aforementioned actions be so controversial and polarizing?

Marguerite Battaglia