Small county tax hikes?support vital programs

Many people are complaining about the county executive’s budget. We have been very fortunate to be a site for Erie County to host the DSS Workforce Development Program for the past year. The program is not only vital to the Seneca-Babcock Community Association but to other non-profits, such as Autumn Wood Senior Center, Computers for Children, Seneca Street Church, Cazenovia Baptist Church, Cazenovia Park and the Mayor’s Clean Sweep Team.

We would like to convey our support for the DSS Workforce Development Program. It has proven to be an essential force for growth in economic development and is vital to the continued resurgence of the economy.

The current recession has brought focus to the issue of workforce investment and development. With many individuals out of work or underemployed, now is the time to support such programs. We can all agree that these extraordinary times require an extraordinary effort to get clients back to work, and this program is leading the charge in that effort.

Households are facing impossible choices among food, home heating, gasoline, rent, medicine and other basic needs. Many continue to struggle with hunger, as documented by food hardship data collected by Gallup and analyzed by the Food Research and Action Center. Nearly one in five individuals said there were times they didn’t have enough money to buy food in 2011. We have had many clients within the last year obtain their GED, find employment and receive valuable training, such as money management, resume building and job skills training, all necessary tools and skills to succeed during tough economic times.

Small tax hikes provide valuable programming like the Workforce Development Program, Operation PrimeTime and funding for our free library system. It will pay off in the end.

Brian Pilarski

Executive Director, Seneca-

Babcock Community Association