Neither candidate?is offering solutions

The myriad letter writers, both Democrat and Republican, who pedantically submit why the presidential candidate they oppose is unqualified for the office would serve themselves well to read the op-ed column by Robert Samuelson that appeared in the Oct. 20 News.

He succinctly elucidates why neither candidate is offering solutions to our economic tribulations. And this avoidance filters down to congressional and state legislator candidates, who violate their primary obligation, a representative democracy. Common to both parties’ candidates is an allegiance to forces that will get them elected (or more abusively, re-elected, e.g. resistance to term limits, free political mailings).

On the same day, on the same page, an op-ed by Susan Estrich enumerates why this year there are clear policy differences between the two candidates that might well determine the direction of the country in the future. She and the partisan letter writers should accept that without compromise and an educated understanding of the data, all of the hollow policies proffered by Democrats and Republicans are non-starters.

Gary Vickers