We need to reform?our electoral system

Election Day is Nov. 6. We should all know by now that this election at the national and local level is driven by money. It may be the key issue, because, the axiom “those who got the gold make the rules” changes not only who can afford to represent the people, but how we are represented. Many people understand how damaging the flood of political money is to our democracy. What they are not sure of is what can be done about it. Therefore, campaign finance reform has to be the top priority at the state and local level as we move forward. We all must take responsibility to help educate ourselves and our neighbors to reform our electoral system.

Here in New York, the momentum is building with help from some elected officials to lower the state’s sky-high contribution limits and close loopholes that allow individuals and companies to give even more than the high limits. We must make rules that require full and meaningful disclosures from campaign contributors and disclosure of who is paying for independent campaign ads and materials and also provide public funding in some form, perhaps encouraging small dollar donations. Organizations like Common Cause, Citizen Action and the League of Women Voters are doing the hard work of educating the public.

Make your voices count. Get involved. The time is now.

Judith M. Metzger