LEWISTON – Local police services throughout the Town of Lewiston, including the Village of Lewiston, will remain unchanged at least until next year, Supervisor Steven L. Reiter said Monday.

Members of the Lewiston town and village boards worked out a gentlemen’s agreement during an hour-long, closed-door discussion to continue the present policing, Reiter said. The agreement will be converted to writing, presented publicly at a meeting of each of the boards and signed by their respective representatives, Reiter said.

The issue arose because village officials have wanted to reduce or eliminate their financial support for the police department without sacrificing any local services. Town officials, in turn, felt that the village should pay more because there are more police calls in the more densely populated and commercialized village than in the rural sections of the town outside it.

Village officials had flirted with the idea of contracting with the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office for local police patrols, but that idea was abandoned. As a result of Monday’s “oral understanding,” Reiter said, the village will pay the town about $250,000 this year and about $284,000 next year. The village paid $240,000 last year.

Village Mayor Terry C. Collesano and members of both boards left Town Hall without comment after Reiter’s brief announcement.