Collins’ time in office was nightmare for county

As an employee of the Erie County Department of Social Services while Chris Collins was the county executive, it is hard to believe that he is actually a viable candidate for Congress. I would encourage all voters of the 27th District to reflect back on “King Collins’ ” record before voting in November.
As I remember it, Collins worked hard at alienating rank-and-file union members. He worked hard at eliminating jobs and programs. Collins was proud of the fact that he was responsible for eliminating somewhere in the neighborhood of 900 county jobs, only to have many of them restored because it was virtually impossible to adhere to state mandates without adequate staffing.
Collins was tyrannical in his running of Erie County government. It was his way, and if you didn’t like it or didn’t agree with him, you were invited to file a lawsuit – most of which Collins lost at great expense to taxpayers. Collins was adept at insulting women, veterans, the handicapped and state officials. Make no mistake, Collins is first and foremost a self-serving egomaniac who will, in the event he is elected, be an embarrassment to Western New York.
Rosie Evans