Poloncarz misled Erie County voters

Why do local voters continually put up with being misled by our politicians? Do some promises border on white lies? What caught my attention the most was The News article dated Oct. 16, “Proposed tax hike lands with a legislative thud.”
Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz promised he had no intention to raise taxes during his last campaign, and now he wants to raise property taxes by 3.4 percent just one year later. Maybe Poloncarz (previously county comptroller) knows that without that one little stance on raising taxes that we would still have County Executive Chris Collins running the show like a successful business. Somebody should ask Poloncarz if he would raise the county sales tax in order to keep the Buffalo Bills in town, I predict that he will.
Most of us put a premium on dealing with people of integrity in our everyday lives. Does anybody still wonder why our most precious businesses and taxpayers are leaving this part of the state in droves?
Tom Colligan