Let’s hope Collins doesn’t fool voters

To those in the 27th Congressional District, please don’t be fooled by Chris Collins. Hopefully, voters watched the debates and are well-informed. I only wish that Kathy Hochul represented my district. I would vote for her, although I am a registered Republican.
I had the opportunity to work under Collins and if you think that Washington is dysfunctional now, Collins would make it 100 percent worse. Why would anyone vote for someone who couldn’t even get re-elected county executive? The columnists were right on target when they said he lost because of his arrogance. Do you remember his concession speech, where he said that he had “dabbled in politics and it was fun,” but he was done with it? I don’t consider the economy funny. While Collins was slashing services and laying people off, there was an article about his wife taking ballroom dancing lessons at home.
Did you hear him hesitate during the debates, when asked if he could work with President Obama? He talks in circles. Hochul has done a great job for Western New York, and will continue to do so when re-elected.
Bonnie Johnson