Does anyone believe Hochul is independent?

Rep. Kathy Hochul’s “just look it up” ad and her campaign claiming “independence” appear to be effective on the surface. She has, in fact, at times voted with the Republicans against the Obama administration, but let’s look behind that.
The congresswoman is a Democrat in a heavily Republican district who was facing an election in the near future. It’s common practice for members of Congress, in her position, to vote against their party on legislation that is heavily favored to go the other way, in fact, many times casting their vote after the faith of the bill has already been decided. This allows them to come back to their district and claim independence because they voted against their party, without actually affecting the Democratic Party goals.
Is Hochul really independent? Based on her previous history and party affiliation, my guess is that if a bill actually has a chance of passing, or the Democrats were to regain control of the house, she’ll be in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.
Al Grabowski