Tax cuts for wealthy won’t improve nation

Mitt Romney’s vision is for the new American feudalism. He keeps saying on the campaign trail that he doesn’t believe in “trickle-down government.” What he is not saying is that his platform of tax cuts for the wealthy is another installment of the march back toward aristocracy, in which the wealthy ask the poor to trust them; that their generosity and their altruism will be enough to take care of them. The problem is that not all of the 1 percent are as generous as Bill Gates.
Clearly some people have not read history, nor are they aware of the lives that were lost, directly and indirectly, to bring the middle class into existence, and to keep it in a position where it can compete with the powerful, wealthy and politically influential forces of the 1 percent.
Say what you want about President Obama, but he envisions an America where we little folk don’t have to beg the wealthy for a chance to succeed; it can come from hard work, perseverance and a little help from society (i.e. roads, bridges and regulations that prevent the big guys from crushing the little guy). The same cannot be said for Romney and Paul Ryan.
Joshua E. Dubs, Esq.
North Tonawanda