Obama had his chance, and he failed miserably

It’s been four years. He had his chance. It’s time to end this.
President Obama may well be the most unqualified, unaccomplished, unprepared, unsuited man ever to be elected president. He was elected on a wave of fantasy, propelled by a creepy cult of personality and the almost complete abdication by the news media of their investigative responsibility. He was never going to be up to the job.
His administration has been responsible for a huge stimulus that accomplished little but added massively to our debt, a health care bill that most people didn’t want and was built on lies, and a financial regulation bill that ignored government’s role in the financial collapse and was written by some of legislators most responsible for it.
His energy policy has been to thwart domestic production in favor of crony green energy schemes that keep failing.
His foreign policy has been to snub our allies and reach out to our enemies, who have responded to the outreach with disdain. The successes he’s had in the war on terror have been possible by following the policies created by President George W. Bush – ones that he criticized as a senator.
Obama’s campaign has been reduced to silly trivialities such as Big Bird and binders. He’s spent. He’s done. He doesn’t even propose a real agenda for another term. It’s time to end this on Nov. 6.
Matthew Bartle